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My name is Ashley Hero. I doodle things. Sometimes I spend way too much time on my doodles. Oh well.

Things I like: Music, Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth, drawing things, writing things, shipping things...
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Jesus Christ, Ryan.
ancient Jack Pattillo proverb


when you wait for the beat to drop before you start throwing snacks at people

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"Did you tap that puss?" 

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Sassy spyro is sassy

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lezzing-around replied to your post: I think I might attempt painting Yang …

No matter how it turns out, just remember Barbara (and myself) would be proud.

Aw shucks (n˘v˘•)¬

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Let's Play GTA V - Flight Missions


Gavin: Ryan, when you were [in Milan], did you tap that puss?

Geoff: (Geoff-style laughter)

Geoff: Ryan was way more into the dicks when he was model, you didn’t know that? He was always making out with dudes on rooftop bars in New York.

Ryan: Not…not true…but…y’know. I would’ve been happy to tap that puss at that particular time…

Ray: Ryan the puss-tapper.



Baby Nala plying with a ribbon

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