A. Hero Doodles Things and Derps Around

My name is Ashley Hero. I doodle things. Sometimes I spend way too much time on my doodles. Oh well. Things I like: Music (Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Queen, the Cab, Cobra Starship, fun...), Supernatural, Doctor Who, Being Human UK, drawing things, writing things, shipping things... My Art My Life


idk I sometimes finish sentences with a “~” bc a period seems too hard/almost angry and a blank is too blank

see you later. (secretly pissed)
see you later~ (floating away trailing glitter and fairy dust)

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In honor of national dog day, here’s a vid of my sister’s dog Buddy struggling to get inside. Hahahaha.

buddy does not know

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What a lovely Team Build

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RT Meme: Blaine or JJ

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MK x AC part 2!! with a dash of zelda

Part 1 here!

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